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Dental Place &  Spa is a multi-specialty dentistry and are the dental
service provider of choice for many Americans looking for affordable and
outstanding dental services.

We staff an experienced professional dentistry team providing cost effective
and credited dental services in Colombia.

We use the best technology, materials and procedures in the industry.

This will assure you a high level service in a safe, hygienic and controlled
environment, meeting the best American standards.

We Specialize in:

What is Dental Place & Spa?

Dental Place & Spa  is a fairly new trend that combines the comforts of a posh
spa with dental visits and treatments. This fairly new technique is designed to
offer you complete relaxation as well as a lot of pampering in a spa-like
atmosphere right in the dental office.

What Does Dental Place & Spa Involve?

While each dental office is different and spa treatments may vary, common spa
amenities usually offered are:

•  Aromatherapy
•  Massaging dental chair
•  Headphones with soothing music
•  Paraffin wax hand treatments
•  Hand lotion and massage
•  Heated blanket
•  Heated and scented neck pillow
•  Heated aromatherapy eye pillow
•  Heated face cloth
•  Bottled water, flavored coffee, juice assortments and herbal tea

Our Spa suites are custom designed for specific treatments; created especially
for couples wishing to share their experience.

Contact us so that we can better understand your needs.

We want to help you show your best smile.
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